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Saturn SC2 alternator wiring issue.

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i have a 1998 saturn SC2 with the 1.9 DOHC motor, it has a a 2 wire connector, and from what i can tell one is 12v reference, and the other is for sensing the need to charge? issue being however i wire it im blowing out the voltage regulators. any ideas on the best way to wire such a system?

Exactly what is the alternator, it's been a coon's age since I did anything with an external regulator?

Reference and charge requirement are basically the same thing - one may be for the exciter, of field windings, the other may be a reference for battery voltage?

Is this a new problem, perhaps you've replaced the alternator with a different design? Did it just start for no good reason?

the alternator is P# N111961A from ultima, it is not a new problem per say, i have swapped to a full standalone setup on the car and this is the last issue i'm trying to smooth out. and you are 100% correct i forgot the name of it but one is ref and one is exciter. ive been told by someone that i could try just putting a light bulb and socket in the circuit and it may work (on the exciter wire) but that seems a bit off to me. as far as i can tell the OE wiring went in and out of the factory cluster then to the alternator. also while i know the picture has 2 wires, the plug only uses 2 of them.

I couldnt save the pictures from the site, but here is a link to the alternator: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/ultima-select/charging---starting/alternator/f7cab2ae3cc0/ultima-select-90-amp-alternator-new/osl0/n111961a/v/a/4866/automotive-car-1998-saturn-sc2?q=alternator&pos=0