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Sensor Calibration with different Pullup values

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I have a Haltech Oil temperature sensor with calibration values of 3V @-30C and 4.1V@150C. I'm told these values are correct if using a 1K pullup, but mine is connected to a Syvecs ECU input that has 3.3K pullup.

How do I recalculate the calibration values so they are correct?

Search for the math on voltage divider. You can work out what resistance your sensor has at those voltages and pull-up value. Now redo the calculation with a different pull-up value. Hopefully you have more data points, as I suspect that sensor may not be linear in its resistance vs temperature curve.

Thanks David.

I was a bit slow not to realise its exactly the same maths you gave me two months ago when I asked about calibration to work out output voltages for my fuel sender!

Those are the only two data points provided with the sensor documentation, so hopefully it is linear.