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Hi HPA Team,

if i have a single PIN for sensor ground on my ECU, do i have to connect all my sensor grounds to this single pin?

Should i do the same thing with the +5V regulated PIN for powering all my sensors that require a power supply?

Is not a problem using only 1 pin, maybe exceeding the current rate of the manufacture?

Thank you


Yes you can do it this way.

G'day Alexandru

Yes, you're on the money. You need to supply any sensors that require a regulated (5V) supply from the single supply pin on your ecu, and you need to ground all the sensors to the single sensor ground pin. Ideally, you would confirm the current each sensor is going to draw from datasheets or other information to confirm your sensors wont overload this pin... In practice though, most sensors draw such a small amount of current that it is almost never a problem you strike.