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Sensor wiring help

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Looking for some direction on wiring up some sensors.. I am still trying to figure out where everythin goes, I have some confusion on what power comes out of the PDM to sensors. Or if it comes from the ECU... Pretty lost, can someone help explain where I would connect these sensors?


I am not sure what "Drain" is , or the 8v? Is the 8v just my power supply? So this would come somewhere off the PDM??


For this guy I am assuming one pin will need to tie into my 0v ref pin out of the ECU. And then signal is going to one of my AV input pins on the ECU?


And this guy had 3 unlabeled pins on it.. Supply is 5v... WOuld this come from my 5v ref? I have a Vref 1 and Vref 2 pins on one of my ECU connectors .. Output goes to one of the AV input pins? And then what is the last pin? Ground?

The PDM controls 12V power to your ECU and other devices that need to be switched in your car (Fans, Pumps, Lights, Dash, etc). Each circuit can be controlled by the ECU or Dash communicating over the CAN bus, or directly by the PDM using input switches or a connected CAN keypad.

Sensors are typically powered by the device that is measuring their output (so usually either the Dash, Gauge, or ECU). So for your 150 psi pressure sensor connected to the ECU, one of the 5V/0V pairs would be used to provide the power, and the signal would be connected to an Analog Voltage input, when you configure the sensor, you specify which of the 5V supplies was used. Resistive Temperature sensors have one side connected to an Analog Temperature Input (which has an internal pull-up resistor), and the other to the appropriate 0V (if using an M1xx ECU, pay attention to the correct 0V for the different AT inputs (see the help for when you configure any input, and have to select the power supply).

The drain refers to the shielding in the sensor cable. This would normally be connected to a chassis ground near the ECU.

Your MoTeC dealer should be your first source for information. I work with my customers to help them understand how to wire their MoTeC products. If you haven't purchased your MoTeC gear, consider contacting us -- Veracity Racing Data, 805.238.1699