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Sensors that can be shared

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Hi All

I have a Vipec V88 and a Holley stand alone dash.

What type of sensors can and can not be shared between devices?


You have to look at the Holley dash and how it works. Does it let you calibrate individual gauges? So for example, if you have a 0 to 5 volt manifold pressure sensor, and you know the scaling, will the dash let you set up the scaling in it? Do they allow CAN messages? Maybe you send the signal to the Vipec and send CAN message from the Vipec to the Holley dash.

It does let you setup custom sensor configuration. Can do scaling.

CAN is a problem as the dash only let Holley EFI’s communicate over can. I have tried CAN from the Vipec but did not get anywhere. This is why I am going with the I/O adaptor and sensor inputs.

The Vipec CAN Output is configurable, so if you can get the details of the data format Holley uses it'd be possible to get the Vipec talking to it.

Sharing sensor signals can be a little dicey unless you've got a good idea of the input impedance of the Holley dash, and you'd want to join the sensor ground lines of the devices together too. Try it though, connect a signal to the dash and watch its value in the Vipec real time values screen, if it doesnt change, you should be fine to share the signal.

Unfortunately, I have tried to get Holley's CAN protocol before and they dont give it out. 0-5V sensors such as pressure should be fine to share, temp sensors are more difficult so usually easier to use two seperate temp sensors.

Guts! It such a pain in the ass when they wont release their protocols. They can't be making that many more sales of their other gear by keeping it to themselves? Link is ahead of the game when it comes to CAN configurability #egostroke ;-).

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