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Sharing Sensor grounds with other sensors Motex M130

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Hi folks,

Currently planning out my wiring for a Motec M130 to Toyota 1JZ.

The M130 has two sensor grounds pinouts. Should I keep my most critical sensors e.g. crank and cam ref isolated to the one sensor ground or can I evenly share the 2 sensor grounds with all my sensors? Are the two sensor grounds internally connected in the ECU or are they filtered between each other?


You can split them anyway you want, but be aware that you should use a specific sensor ground for the AT channels. (AT1 and AT2 use 0V B, and AT3 & AT4 use 0V A).

Also, you should use the matching 5V source and 0V ground (ie, a MAP sensor might use 5V A and 0V A). When configuring the sensor, you will specify which 5V supply you used for that sensor.

Thankyou David!