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I’m not sure what the best practice is here. I’m building an auxiliary sensor harness and i have three splices in my main trunk, tapered out to maintain a slim diameter. However, the length across all three splices is about 2 1/2” (65mm or so). Each splice was covered with SCL, then I taped around all three splices for added strain relief.

In my attached photo, the area taped with capton tape is the length of the three splices.

my question is - should I sheath the entire trunk with DR-25, then only use SCL at the transition points, or do I use SCL across the length of splices, covering either end of sheathing as well?

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I use as little SCL as possible. DR25 the trunk and offshoots and cover the break with a single piece of SCL.

Thanks for the advice. I've watched the Wiring Fundamentals course and Club Level course as well. I am finidng myself questioning my splices. I have three splices here and I've tapered them with the intent to keep the trunk small. Each crimp is covered with SCL. So, do I also DR-25 over this section, or is best practice to use another piece of SCL over this section for strain relief? Do I need to tape over these crimps/SCL for added strain relief as well?