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I’m not sure what the best practice is here. I’m building an auxiliary sensor harness and i have three splices in my main trunk, tapered out to maintain a slim diameter. However, the length across all three splices is about 2 1/2” (65mm or so). Each splice was covered with SCL, then I taped around all three splices for added strain relief.

In my attached photo, the area taped with capton tape is the length of the three splices.

my question is - should I sheath the entire trunk with DR-25, then only use SCL at the transition points, or do I use SCL across the length of splices, covering either end of sheathing as well?

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I use as little SCL as possible. DR25 the trunk and offshoots and cover the break with a single piece of SCL.

Thanks for the advice. I've watched the Wiring Fundamentals course and Club Level course as well. I am finidng myself questioning my splices. I have three splices here and I've tapered them with the intent to keep the trunk small. Each crimp is covered with SCL. So, do I also DR-25 over this section, or is best practice to use another piece of SCL over this section for strain relief? Do I need to tape over these crimps/SCL for added strain relief as well?

IIRC, at a splice point, you should cover with Raychem SCL. After staggering any splices to make sure the harness section isn't bulky, you should then use Kapton tape to bundle the wires for that branch section together. Afterwards, measure the diameter of the thickest part of the section, (hopefully it is all even because you staggered your splice joints) and use the appropriate size of Raychem DR25 to encapsulate the branch of wires.

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