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shield wire sheath

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

Relevant Module: EFI Wiring Harness Design > Sensors > Shielded Cable

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can you send a picture for a shield wire connected to the ecu connector so i can see the shield sheath how it is connected?

I normally splice the shield braiding to a normal 22 awg insulated wire. Just "debraid" the shielding using a small screwdriver like a comb, collect all the wires together on one side, twist and put a crimp splice onto the wires (and the new insulated wire) within a few mm of the end of the cable. Cut any excess wire hanging out of the crimp. This can usually be bent parallel to the shielded cable, and a piece of adhesive lined heat shrink put over the whole thing. Now you have the wires from the cable, plus the shield wires you can trim and terminate.

Solder sleeves are also your friend, somewhat similar to what the other David said, however you can just trim back and fold the shielding onto the sheath, and solder sleeve over both your new drain wire as well as the multi conductor you've been working with.

ProwireUSA has a few sizes as well as pre-populated (with drain wire) sleeves:

Terminating Sleeves

The previous page has 2 individual sleeve options.

Thanks Adam. The link he posted shows the HPA procedure for this.

thank you for your answers so where to connect this braid is it to sns GND or power GND?? and we connect one end of the shield wire only thats mean that I will connect one end to a gnd and the other end is freely (not connected to the sensor)

Yes, just one end grounded and the other not connected. Any ground will work for the drain, different ecu manufacturers have different schools of thought on which is preferred so generally I would do what your ecu documentation says.

thank you Adam

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