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Shielded cable plugs & connectors?

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Do braided shielded cable plugs/connectors exist? is there a specific name for these connectors?

Im having a lot or trouble trying to find anything apart from data aluminium foil cat 5/6 plugs which dont work for braided shielding cable.

Zac did a video showing how to ground the shielded braid.

Have a look at this video. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOmo0Vy5DyE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOmo0Vy5DyE

Hey mate, iv watched that video and it talks about termination grounding rather then adding an inline shielded plug.

Theres gota be a plug or connector name or style out there that you can put inline with shielded cable. Iv just about exhausted researching and calling every electronic automotive supplier out there. Hell even aviation stuff doesnt have it.

Every time i take out my ecu harness i always have to de-pin shielded cables. I want a plug i can just take on and off for these lines that doesn’t break the grounding of the shielded wire. Hence like a cat5 or cat6 data plug, but instead of aluminium foil a braid shield style plug.

I'm sure if such a thing existed in the automotive world it would have been demonstrated. Since Zac had a background in high end automotive electrical design and installation he wouldnt be opting for the solutions he demonstrated.


A short section of un-shielded cable does not render the shielding useless. Just running the shield through a pin in the connector is what is done at all levels of motorsports. Sometimes the shield is actually tied to the connector backshell, but this is not common, nor required.

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