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Shielded tefzel wire

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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just wondering if you can run shielded tefzel wire through mil spec connectors? Is there a special way on doing this?


The correct way is to splice a short length of wire onto the shield, as you would do when finishing it off when it is run directly into the ECU, and then run this through the connector on a separate pin, and reconnect it into the shield on the other side of the connector. This obviously uses up a lot of pins, so some times you will see the shields spliced together into a single pin through the connector, and then broken out again on the other side, or if there is a short distance between the connector and ECU, you could splice the shield into the 0v before the connector, and just carry it through on the 0v, not using shielded wire on the other side.

I understand all that now thank you. Whats the 0v? Where would you connect the wire that comes from the shield to get 0v either on the engine side or from the cabin?

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