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Where else should I be using Shielded Wire on a Honda engine Harness other then the Ignition? This car will be using a Hondata ECU and stock distributor.


I am in the process of making an S2000 engine wiring loom.

I can tell you that the only shielded wire in the standard engine loom is;

Crank Position Sensor - CKPP

Primary O2 Sensor - PHo2S

Secondary O2 Sensor - SHo2S

Top Dead Centre Sensor 1 - TDC1P

Top Dead Centre Sensor 2 - TDC2P

Knock Sensor - KS

Ignition wiring is not shielded or separated from any other wiring, it's all in the same loom.



Thanks Ben. I was going to do the same too and strip my standard wire harness. But I didn't want to ruin a good harness since I was going to use new wire and plug when I'm ready to make my engine wire harness. But it looks like I might have to strip my wire loom.

You shouldn't have to fully strip the loom. If you remove around 6-8" of the loom tape from the ECU plugs then that will expose any potential shielded wire. It will be instantly recognisable because the all the shields have been crimped to an earth wire.

Typically the only place that requires shielding in a loom is the crank/cam trigger inputs. You could choose to shield the ignition system wiring if you wanted to and I know that Ryan does on a lot of his drag car harnesses, however I never have personally and haven't had any trouble.

Thanks for the Input Andre.

I guess i could leave some input. Shielded wire helps more for VR circuits as the sine waves are more susceptible to electrical noise. Hall effects are far more resistant and haven't seen the need to add shield to those sensors. That being said, I still shield cam and crank regardless of sensor design as I love how sturdy the shielded wire is, and it helps also with concentric twisting. I would always shield the knock sensor though. CDI igntion is also at discretion of the harness builder/budget of the client, but If you have the budget to stock up on shielded wire, than why not and make the best harness you can make!

Good point Ryaan018, knock sensor wiring also should be shielded. As I mentioned earlier I have never personally used shielding on coil wiring but there can be no harm come from doing so.

And were is the recommended place to ground the shield of the shielded wire?

you'll want to join the shielding into the Sensor Ground pin on the ecu. preferably close to the ecu to the ecu.

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