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i did connect the sensor directly to the ecu and the speed works fine compare to GPS, but the ABS light turn on and the ABS not working

how can i take speed signal from ABS speed sensor (tee) without affect the ABS?

Not enough information to help. I would leave the ABS sensors going to the ABS module, then use data from the ABS module for the ECU. Some ABS modules have output pins for this, and others send information over the CAN bus. You will have to study your vehicle documentation to figure this out.

As David mentions, we need more information to be able to help you. It's unlikely that you will be able to share the wheel speed sensors between the ABS unit and your ECU though without problems from the ABS unit (as you've found). The best option is to take the output data from the ABS unit via CAN or alternatively you may need to add your own independent sensors for speed.

thanx guys , i did found one output on the abs unit and every thing is running fine now

to understand more , i will not able to share any 2 pin sensor ? ( speed , temp .. ) ?