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SPA Design Sensor wiring into Link G4+ Xtreme

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I have 3 SPA design gauges with double sensors that i would like to wire into my Link ECU. I have removed the gauges and will just be using the sensors and displaying them on my AIM MXS Strada dash.

The sensors have 3 wires, a black, red and green.

How do i wire these into the Link?

Also, any ideas where i can get the calibration data for them? I will be using Fuel Pressure, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water Temp

One would assume Red: +, Black: GND, Green: Signal.

In terms of calibration data, if you cant find it online, you will have to hook them up and test them. Pan of water, thermometer, multi-meter and read the outputs etc.

I wonder if they use pretty common sensors and maybe just re-brand them? Can you post up some pictures of them? They might be recognisable and give us a starting point to go from?

I haven't got any of my own pics that i can find but this is what the pressure ones look like for oil pressure. They are all stainless steel. And the gauges with sensors are pretty pricey.

Looks like they use Gems sensors