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Spaceframe Chassis body grounds queation

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Hi everyone, my question is, if i have a car that has a spaceframe type chassis ( 35mm 2.5mm thick box 350 grade mild steel tig welded together ) and a fibreglass body and wanted to use a star point chassis ground set up ... would it be best to run a ground cable similarly sized as the grounding strap between the engine block and the chassis connected to the chassis at even stages along it and use those points to ground sections of the wiring harness ?

Or would the chassis itself be sufficient without the additional ground cable run along and connected to it in several areas ?

By all accounts the chassis could be considered to all be a solid ground. I'd recommend you earth the battery to the chassis and then the chassis to the engine block. You can then still run your ECU power grounds to the engine block. In this way the ground wiring really isn't much different to a normal monocoque chassis.