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Hello there,

I am currently wiring a PS2000 long loom for my 1jz VVTi JZX100. I have some splicing to do for temperature/pressure sensors, speed and extending some wires that fall short. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can point me in the right direction here, I have been searching for the appropriate splice crimp connectors. Everything I have been finding is the standard insulated type that one would source from your local automotive parts retailers, which will make my loom very bulky. The picture below is what I am looking for but cannot find. I am in Melbourne. Any advice would be bloody fantastic. Finding suppliers for a well executed loom is a little difficult as I dont know many people who are in the game as yet, I'm a noob!

Thank you in advance!

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For the that kind of splice, any "open barrel" crimping tool (also known as "F crimp") would do the job, but you will have to crimp it on both end and it will not look as neat as in the picture.

It's the kind used by the OE only because it's a cost effective solution for them.

Try to find something like the Knipex 97 21 215 B (similar to the one used in THIS example)

Personally I prefer to use non insulated butt connector + heat shrink tubing.

if done correctly it's not more bulkier than the open barrel.

Thank you Ludo for the reply.

Hi Steve,

Jay Dee Auto Cables will be your best bet for these splices, http://jaydeeautocables.com.au/ they are on Dorset Road in Bayswater.

Hi there,

Thank you for your link! This is much closer to home. I will check them out. I bought some stuff from RS-Components. They look good but need a crimp tool for them.

Thanks again!!!

Hey Ludo, I use those non insulated butt connectors but what is the proper tool for crimping them? I just use a regular crimper but I know its not a proper way for this.

Hey Tommy.

There is two kind of crimping style that work for the non insulated butt connector, and it mostly depend of the size of the connector itself.

-Hexagonal crimp, but it's mostly for big wiring gauge.

-W crimp, also know as indent (or double indent) crimp.

Personally I use a Knipex crimping plier similar as this one:

Thanks!! I pretty much use a non-ratcheting crimper silimar to the one you posted. I will look into the Knipex one!

just to bring this thread back from the dead.

do knippex have a non ratcheting crimper thats more budget orientated for but splices?

also i couldnt find the butt spices you described in the jaydee cables catalogue?

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