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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi there just saw the splicing video, i would like to ask were is it better to splice the wires after you go from the ecu connector or at the other end of the sensor? I've seen that from the ecu connector side is better as it wont aslo mess up the concentric twisting. But which one is more sufficient?


Hi Fotis,

Are you talking about splicing for sensor grounds? I've always done this at the ECU side and run them to each sensor along with the input wire.

But I'm no expert on this. Maybe someone else with more experience can chime in on this?


Hey guys, again no expert but my view is as Nick has mentioned.

Splice at the ECU end.

My justification is redundancy, if you have a short single length the likelihood of it failing is far less than a very long single length. That way if the failure is after the splice then only one fails not all of them if that makes sense.

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