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Splicing inside fuel tank

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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A colleague accidently snipped the wires of a low level sensor inside a tank, and I have to join them again. There should be almost no current (switch simply goes to ground), and Sally I have no option to replace the wires, they have to be spliced.

What would be a suitable adhesive shrink to cover the crimped splices? Don't want to risk the adhesive in SCL or Atum melting with long term exposure to the high octane race fuel (wires lay at the bottom of the tank, and will always be immersed, even when tank is pumped out.

Thanks in advance.

Amazingly, gasoline isn't very conductive. I have seen plenty of insulated (but non-sealed) butt splices inside of fuel cells.

Thank you David. I have seen similar, and I would freely agree it's probably more psychological, but I would like a sealed joint.

RW200 is meant to be resistant to most fuels, but I dont know of any adhesive lined shrinks suitable for fuel immersion.

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