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Splicing tutorial quick question

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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In these examples, shouldn't the single wire that is spliced out to multiple others be a larger diameter? (For current capacity reasons as explained in earlier lessons)

Or is the current in a 5V sensor supply circuit so small that it can be spliced out to the various sensors with the same gauge wire?

The latter -- sensor grounds and power requiements (even combined) are not anywhere near the wire limits.

Yup, the latter.

If we assume an average current of 50mA per sensor, then a single 22awg wire could handle 100 sensors.

Got it thanks gents.

Follow up question -

Is it acceptable to combine a splice with a terminal? For example:

option 1, single wire terminated with a connector pin which is then spliced into 2 wires,

option 2, instead terminating both wires into a larger capacity pin that is still compatible with the connector.

I ask this question as I'm curious whether it could save a splice for the relays where pins 86 and 30 are in parallel, and instead terminate both trigger and feeder wire into pin 30 (the image attached might make it clearer)

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Yes you can do that. That is my typical method when wiring a relay.

Awesome thankyou.

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