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Standalone harness VQ35de

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi guys, I have a VQ35de I have swapped into my S14 and made a standalone harness to suit with help from various forums and course material here.

I have used a Eaton Bussman for majority of the fuse/relay outputs for the ECU. I have a couple of questions;

Should I run a starter relay for the power to the starter motor solenoid? I have tested amp and it is pulling ~8amps.

I need more power to run other things like my wideband O2s and so forth, I was planning on running an auxiliary fuse box for headlights and so forth. Is it normal practice to run power from the fusebox and earth everything else to the chassis or should I run wires back to the battery or fusebox for the earth? In the OE harness I did note the earth is in the harness, but wasn't sure if that splices back into a common chassis ground.




Hopefully the power grounding section of the wiring fundamentals course covers earthing sufficiently and perhaps a review will help, but the star earthing method involves running grounds from your items independently, to a common ground point. Then a heavy ground cable connects from that single common point, to the negative battery terminal.

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