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What is the difference between M22759/16 and M22759/32? Does 16 mean 16 strand and 32 is 32 strand?

To keep it simple, the stranding is exactly the same, but the insulation in thinner on the 32.

For exemple:

M22759/16-20 = ~0.060" (1.52mm) OD and 5.18 Pounds/1000’ (19 strands in 32AWG)

M22759/32-20 = ~0.050" (1.30mm) OD and 4.30 Pounds/1000’ (19 strands in 32AWG)

Thanks Ludo86

here's some information on the mil-spec wire standards


Helpful hint:

/32 is the same size (total diameter) of the one size smaller awg /16

ex. 20awg /32 is the same size as 22 awg /16 :)

New guy question here, I'm just getting up to speed on everything. In regard to differences, is /16 easier to work with than /32 in the smaller wire sizes?

i.e. Let's say I'm using 22 or 24 awg wire for digital input wiring and I'm trying into insert a 24awg /32 wire and it's associated contact into a Motec Super Seal connector. Will it be difficult to insert/ fold over on itself because it's so thin? Autosport and DT connecters have insert/ removal tools, but as far as I can tell SS 1.0 connectors do not?

I'm leaning toward using /32 since that's what all the major supplier seem to sell. But since this is my first harness (and possibly my last) I'm trying to make this process as idiot proof as possible.

Insights appreciated.

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