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Terminal Block Bus Strip

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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"" Looking at picture 1 - I'm lost. Would someone kindly explain what's going on here with the terminal bus strips?

It looks like the builder has not left enough room above each strip to neatly tie in another wire. Is he only using one side of each of the strips to junction circuits? Is it common to use just one side of the bus strip for aesthetics? It appears there are many single wires going to the junction blocks - what would the purpose of that be (I am assuming the wiring is completed as everything is loomed and zip-tied to the board, so adding additional wires is not likely the answer)?

Picture 2 (the installed picture) - it appears he used the opposite side of the bus strip on only the top strip.

I'm trying to grasp what's going on here so I can understand the layout strategy better.

Thank you in advance!

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im unsure my self it could be possible there is wiring coming out the underside but it may be a good idea to contact them for a better idea

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