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Thermocouple wiring

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I've seen on milspecwiring website that they sell "thermocouple twisted wiring, 24 AWG".

When wiring thermocouples I should use twisted pairs? Theres is some specific type of wire for thermocouples or the "conventional" milspec will do the job just fine?

Another question... I've seen that k type thermocouples always uses that yellow connector. I should use this connector or I can wire it using deutsch dtm connectors?


I believe the wire is different to your regular copper cores.

The two metals are dissimilar, one alumel and one chromel (sp*)

You don't need the yellow plug you can use an alternative but you can also get special terminal (socket and plug) to match the wiring and fit in your deutsch connector

milspecwiring also sells chromel and alumel pins and sockets which are compatible with DTM connectors for use with Type K thermocouple wire.

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