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Tidying up my celica gt4 st205 loom

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi guys I'm new to wiring I purchased the wiring fundamentals course a while back before the new version was released so still need to sit down and watch through that.

Having a spare hour today I decided to pull the engine loom out of my engine bay. Due to the amount of changes I've doneto the car there are loads of redundant plugs and extra ones obviously.

Ideally I'd like to have the loom plug in to a socket on the bulkhead to make like easier in the future if dropping the engine.

By any chance is the a sort of template out there I can follow and adapt to my engine or even someone that can help me along the way with any dumb questions I might have lol

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I recently wired a KTM Super Duke engine for a racing application. Basically it's a simple engine that has two cylinders, but also had a Drive-by-wire throttle. Here is the documentation (MS Excel spreadsheet) I produced first, then built the harness from that.

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G'day Adrian. Post up any questions you have here and we'll all help, its part of what you get with access to the course content :-). The only dumb question is the one you haven't asked!

This is a link to the google sheets document shown in the course: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19IKgiwrAs4FgglScjXyvvnMnEqTwwdEERfsUOXEmnY8

You wont be able to edit it, but you should be able to save a local copy and then go to town modifying it for your needs.


welcome! nice to have another GT Four owner on here (ST185 for me).

have you got the wiring diagrams for your car?

are you running A/C? there is a suprising amount of connectors and wiring relevant to A/C.

also with the connector from toyota most are available from places like NZ EFI, Ballenger and SQ engineering, these guys are what i have found and used so far for toyota connectors.

one thing with the old celica's its worth installing a new fusebox for the EFI system, i was getting 0.5v drop to the ecu and about 1.5V drop to high draw items such as radiator fans. hind site being what it is i would start with a bussmann rtmr fuse box and make a new engine loom, retain the stock body loom for the alternator and headlights etc.

Cheers for the replies, I would love to bin the stock fuse box as its located where I want the airfilter for my holset to be.

Ideally I'd like to put a plug on the bulkhead so the engine loom can be easily unplugged when the engine is removed.

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