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Toyota Brake Light Switch plug and terminals

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This is a long shot!

I'm re-wiring my MR2 Turbo completely. In doing so, I'm trying not to solder onto pigtails of factory loom but instead re-pin plugs as appropriate. One plug that is evading me is the Brake Light Switch, a standard two-pin switch that is visually the same as many, many other brake light plugs out there! Can I find a reference to the plug and terminal anywhere though? Not one bit!!

Anyone have any ideas how I could go about identifying the terminals I need to re-pin this plug? The Wiring Fundamentals course has been my bible on this project so really hoping this community can help me out.



G'day Mark. Can you throw up a picture of the old connector, and the brake light switch itself?

Hey Zac. Photos attached of connector, terminals and original switch. Appreciate your help!

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My initial thought is that it looks very Yazaki-ish. I've had a quick scan through their connector catalogues ( and cant see a match though.

Sorry to get so specific, but can you measure the width of the connector terminals?

Don't apologise - you're the one helping me!

I've included various measurements, hopefully it will help.

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I haven't given up on this, but I also haven't had a huge amount of luck. I've hunted through the Sumitomo and Yazaki online catalogs, but haven't found anything that is a complete match... However, have a look at:

They look pretty similar?

I reckon they look bang on! I've found someone in the UK selling some too so that's a bonus.

Thanks so much for your help, hugely appreciated.

MY F187-TS terminals arrived today and they're now crimped on, fitted in the housing and plugged in to my brake light switch!

Thanks Zac for the help, really pleased to have this sorted properly :-)

Awesome! Glad to hear!