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toyota soarer loom repair

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Hi all, new here but have finished and really enjoyed the wiring course.

I was quite excited to get started re-wiring a haltech converted toyota soarer, but I've immediately ran into some roadblocks.

It's a little embarrassing, but I cannot for the life of my get the loom released from the interior fusebox in order to pull it off the car and properly assess what I need to do.

I've attached a pic of the plug. its 30~ years old and seems to have never been removed. I've donated 3 knuckles and hours or effort, just cant get it out.

Any tips for a newbie?



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Hello i have had similar issue time effort and ended up breaking the holder sorry there is no easy way to push the clip in and pull

on the up side you still have 7 more knuckles

Regards Ross

I feared as much! definitely haven't had any luck with it since posting this.

If i could ask a more general question then, to what extent can i apply the sheathing and strain relief techniques from the course *in place* on the car?

I've got sections of unwrapped OEM loom (with connectors) as well as other sections I've had to repair by splicing in new wire.

I'd like to protect them, but can't easily remove the entire section of loom, nor am I especially confident at de-pinning the old connectors.

I'll do it if I have to, but I'm very interested to know how far protecting a loom can be taken with it already having connectors on both ends.

There must be something better than mummifying it with electrical tape.

Much appreciated.

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