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What would be the easiest and best way to attach multiple wires to the shield instead of using solder for a cleaner installation.

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G'day Justin.

Are you attaching wires to the middle of the shield braid? As in, does the braid need to continue off in both directions? Can you get a solder splice on to the braided cable in that location, insert the wires you needs to, and shrink it down, flowing the solder and sealing it all up?

I'm attaching the wires to the middle of the braid that continues off in both directions. If I can find a solder joint that would fit over it. That would be great. The braid is only 3.0 mm on diameter.

Have a look at the raychem range of solder splices, they have three common sizes. I suspect, with the number of drain wires you're attaching there you'll want the largest, yellow size. Is there a reason you need to attach so many drain wires?

The harness has two wires crimped together coming from one junction connector terminal to the solder joint. Then the pcm connector A has a ground wire from A25 to the solder joint and A26 also has two wires crimped together and ran to the solder joint. I'm not sure why the junction connector and pcm connector A26 would have two wires each that are soldered all together. I would think one wire to each terminal would be fine?