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Turn signal clicking (simultor)

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Hi All,

I have looked about and found plenty of buzzers I could use for a turn signal, but I can't seem to find something I can wire in that will provide a more conventional clicking sound when the indicator is on. Sure I could use a relay with no load but it seems overkill.

I'm sure I'm just not using the right search term.

Why is it over kill to use the exact device you are trying to emulate? Seems like a perfect solution. Relay's that aren't active should be very inexpensive.

Stuart if this is for a vehicle controlled by PDMs I totally get it. You make a nice harness, have no fuses, relays, etc., so it would feel silly adding a relay just for the noise, but some drivers miss it.

I don't have a better solution for you at this time than using a relay as a noise maker, but I posed the idea to a friend including some other functionality. Maybe some day...

A quick Amazon search for "turn signal reminder buzzer" turns up a few options.


Just hire someone to sit in the passenger seat and make 'click clack' noises in time with the lights?

But seriously, I hadn't thought about how much I'd miss this in a street car. I'd probably rig relays behind the dash off whatever you're using as an telltale, though if you're running a CAN dash with integrated signal indicators I can see how annoying it'd be to have to tap into your power out solely for the clicky.

Hah David. If it's a rally car this seems like a great job for the co-driver. :)

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