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Understanding autosport connectors (Deutsch)

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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You know what puts me off using these autosport connectors more than the price?

Not understanding all the varieties and models, different colours and names etc...

Can anyone sum it up for me, id like to look into pricing some up for my build but theres just so many different types.


Do you have this ? (see attached file) For me it makes things pretty clear.

Most peoples use the AS series (page 18-22)

Attached Files

Thanks for that Ludo, I had that link from another page but it failed to open, that does help yes once youve stated what i should be looking at, so plain AS series is what we tend to use in automotive? (theres loads of series begin with AS)

Do the colours identify the series? red for AS?


-The AS series is the "generic" autosport connector (for Deutsch), all the others on the catalog are for specific needs. (like sensors in F1, WRC, etc...)

-Colors identify the keyway. You need to match the color on both side of the connection (plug and receptacle)

If you have 2 identical connectors next to each other you want to use 2 different color (or invert pin and socket) that way you can't invert them.

For example if you have:

AS 0 14-35 PN (AS serie / receptacle with flange / shell size 14 with 37 22awg contacts / pin / RED)

you will need:

AS 6 14-35 SN (AS serie / plug / shell size 14 with 37 22awg contacts / socket / RED)

Red is the standard color (understand easiest to find), but you could use only yellow / green / blue connectors if you want.

Ludo is on the money. Stick with red band for the most part unless you have a section with 3 of the same inline connector, then different color keyways would be really nice

If you are worried about price, you could look in the MS3474/MS3476 connectors. A little bulkier and not as cool as the AS stuff, but roughly 1/3 the cost (retail wise) and gets the job done still pretty cool like. Though, if you are having trouble sorting through the AS catalog, the MS connector catalog might be a little more troubling

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