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Using a DT Connector in fuel tank

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Hello everyone!

I got asked this question and to be honest I am not sure about the answer. Can you use a DT connector inside a fuel tank? A friend of mine is looking to replace his fuel pump on his rally car, and I find the connector a bit flimsy so I would just replace it with a DT if it's possible.

Thank you!


Anything on their web site, or other documentation, on their fuel resistance? Remember, some may be OK for pure petroleum fuels, maybe low levels of alcohol, but be unsuitable for higher levels.

All a quick look came up with was IP68 certification and

"Q: What is the fluid resistance for DT connectors?

A: Connectors show no damage when exposed to most fluids used in industrial applications."

which would suggest it has the fuel resistance as alcohol based fluids may be used in industry?

Their FAQ page has contact details, if you want to contact them directly - https://www.te.com/usa-en/faqs/deutsch-dt-connectors.html


Hmmm, they use a silicone rubber for the seal, and many/most silicone rubbers will break down in common fuels.

The PBT and PA (nylon) would seem to be fine with the different fuel options - https://www.curbellplastics.com/Research-Solutions/Chemical-Resistance-of-Plastics

Thanks Gord, the seal was mainly my concern. I’ll wait a bit if it anyone has experience with it, if not I’ll contact them and post the results here!

As far as I know MetriPacks use a similar silicone and are generally considered fuel tank safe, I've used plenty of them. That said, it certainly wouldn't hurt to confirm.

So I contacted TE and they were very fast to answer! They sent me document about their testing results and procedure. Here's the link to the files :



So they says it's good to go to use in fuel tanks. I understand the tests were done on a short period of time, so I made a small "test bench" (I put gasoline in a container and I put a DT connector in) and I'll monitor it for deterioration!

So here’s the results after 30hrs in pump gas. The seals swelled up so much that they popped from the connector and were laying at the bottom of the container. On the picture, the small seal is the original one for comparison!

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Thanks for following up and having clear answers from the horses mouth. Tis what I expected but good data is good data.

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