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V8 wasted spark ignition coil wiring question?

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I need advice on wiring two wasted spark coils to run a v8.

The coils are Bosch 0221503407.

Firing order 1-5-3-7-4-8-2-6

The ecu is omex 710 with a basemap same as my engine spec. With a semi assembled wiring loom.

The ecu is set with 4 ign wires going to the 2 coils.

With the above firing order would it be wired up as below?

IGN1 = 1&4

IGN2 = 5&8

IGN3 = 3&2

IGN4 =7&6

With terminal pin3 on the coil being 1&4 and pin1 being 2&3?

Terminal Pin2 =12v

Also, the coil leads on the coils going to each cylinder respectively ie. No. 1 on the coil going to no.1 cylinder, no. 2 coil going to no. 2 cylinder etc.?


The coils are marked with the cylinder for 4 cylinder engines, 1&4 and 2&3 are the batched fired pairs.

In your case it works out that way with one coil pack, too. With the second coil pack connect the 1&4 and 2&3 to 5&8 and 7&6 respectively, it probably doesn't make that much difference, but it gives the maximum recovery time to the packs.

NOTE, you need an external/ECU exciter as it's not built in to the coils.

If you don't have it, you may wish to print out the spec's and details - https://www.finjector.com/documents/550bedaf32fb6/Double_Fire_Coil_2x2_Datasheet_0221503407.pdf

Thanks Gord,

I've spoken to Omex and they say my 710 ecu has built in amplifiers so can run the coils directly.

What do you mean by... "With the second coil pack connect the 1&4 and 2&3 to 5&8 and 7&6 respectively"?

IS it different to how I'm thinking of wiring up the coils


IGN1 = 1&4

IGN2 = 5&8

IGN3 = 3&2

IGN4 =7&6

Thanks again

Oops, yes, you were right in the first, and second, place - same difference :-)

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