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What is the best method for star grounding with battery relocation?

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I am planning to make a full rewire of my car and I am unsure about proper grounding with battery in the trunk. I am considering two options:

- 1/0 AWG ground wire from battery negative to the engine block and ground strap from the engine block to chassis

- Ground strap from battery negative to chassis and ground strap from the engine block to chassis, no ground wire in cabin

I've attached diagrams for both methods.

What method provides better ground quality? Are there any circuit length or safety concerns in the first option? Is it okay to ground fuel pump and taillights to chassis in both cases?

Thanks a lot!

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I flip flop between both of those and a combo of the two with distro blocks where i want pretty clean power. It's overboard but if done properly there's no reason not to.

I usually ground the battery to the vehicle chassis at the truck, and make sure the engine also has a really good ground strap to the vehicle body. You can have two star earth points, you just need to make sure there is preferable only one current path between them, so you can be sure of where your ground currents are flowing.

Thank you for the clarification