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What is the best practice for wiring multiple high frequency sensors? (Shielded wiring)

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Installing a holley dominator with multiple sensors (i.e. shock travel, wheel speed, track and tire temp). Do you need to run separate cables to each sensor? with 5-6 sensors at the back of the car i would think the harness would be a bit cumbersome with several shielded cables ran to each one. Just want to make sure that everything is done 100% correctly. Thanks!

We don't normally use shielded wire for anything outside of cam & crank sensors. I would consider shielding for wheel speed sensors as I have seen EMI interference with those (bad wheel speed data when the 2-way radio is keyed). Never needed it for suspension, tire temps.

Thank you David. Should I not worry about the shield wire on those sensors then? or just connect them to the sensor ground?

yes, you should be fine with that.

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