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Hi all, I'm looking for the best place to find factory harness diagrams to match a new engine harness in, there are some diagrams online but a few that are missing. I'm currently doing a rb25de neo in a Nissan c33 laurel, finding the body harness diagram for a laurel has been impossible other than buying a service manual from Germany and i can't read German.I don't mind paying for the fsm if it's useful but need to sort out this engine harness

G'day Brett. I've struck the same problem, and the only way I've found around it is to wait for a service manual to pop up on an auction site for sale. The information available online can be spotty and unreliable, as often you wont know what market the car was for. I've probably got ~$700 in Starion factory service manuals on the bookshelf at home, various years and various markets.

Have you tried via Nissan in australia? If you find a parts guy that is interested, they might be able to help you source one.