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Wire: Any one knows about Flry-A / Flry-B ??

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Hi, my name it's Alex and this is my first post:) I'm new in the forum.

I'm doing the wiring fundamental course and i have a question about wires.

Here is my Q:

In the wire section, the video talk about TXL and Spec 55 wires and it said that pvc wires as they are lower heat resistence, aren't great for the job. I'm from Europe and until today i just knew about the existence of Spec55 (no idea about the existence of TXL) and since it's pretty hard to get around here i started searching for alternatives. In my research i found the Flry-A and Flry-B wires. These wires are PVC that suport up to 105º C with thin insolation what i thought that could be great for the job.

So what do you think about this? Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my english :)

Pd: Any tips about where to buy in Europe?

It's difficult for someone else to say what is 'good enough' for you. What will your new wires do? Will you be replacing critical signals like injectors or engine sensors, or simply adding wires for datalogging additional non-critical sensors? Do you know the temperatures where the wire will be? How important is it that the new wires never fail in case they encounter more heat than you expect, due to some crazy event like a fire? Is this your personal vehicle, or is someone else's safety at risk if a failure happens?

I think it's really helpful if you can get small quantity of wire and heat shrink for testing and build small example looms with the different quality materials. Put the different materials near something hot like an exhaust manifold, heat gun, or open flame and see for yourself if the high-cost ones are better for your needs. Try to do the same tests on the OEM harness if you have spare part. If it's difficult to find parts, ask around at local motorsports events to see what people are using for their cars' wiring.

Good luck,


Couldn't agree more with Scott's post above.

Over here in New Zealand, TXL wire is also not available from stores locally, I buy all mine online from www.waytekwire.com, and have found them well priced and great to deal with.

Just to add to your info here! After speaking to the guys at IS-Rayfast TE also supply the Mil 44 wire which I suppose equates more to the TXL wire! 100m does set you back about £90 ex vat/sales tax but it seams a good enough go between when I consider my supplier of PVC is charging me £21 for 100m and the thickness of that https://www.is-rayfast.com/

Not sure if Zac can chime in with his thoughts on Mil44 vs TXL Maybe?

I try to work exclusively with tefzel. https://www.prowireusa.com/ has always been my go to as they're well priced, have a myriad of colors and dont completely gouge you on shorter runs. It's certainly more expensive though.

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