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wire connection for kill switch

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Physical Wiring Harness Anatomy > Battery and Alternator

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hi there

im abit confused please about the connection of the kill switch.

i have a kill switch under my dash and it has two terminals, i have one coming directly from the positive from the battery and one going for the ecu system and other components. know the alternators wire i connect it in the terminal where the battery wire is coming? please

thanks ryan


I'm hoping you can you give us a bit more info.

Are you trying to avoid the vehicle starting as a theft deterrent only, or did you want to use this in a racing environment to shut down the engine, or entire vehicle, in an emergency while it is running?

As Mike asked, knowing exactly what the "kill switch" is supposed to do is critical to installing, and wiring, it correctly - on that, if it's for Motorsport, you need to know EXACTLY what the regulations demand, as they are NOT all the same for different series, or governing motorsport bodies.

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