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wire shielding question

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should the shield be grounded to sensor ground or power ground? also does anyone have a technique to terminate the shielding neatly?

many thanks

I usually strip the outer shield about 50-60mm back, then I "de-braid" the shielding (using a small round tool), so all the wires are straight, then I pull them all together at one side and twist them and shorten to about 10-15mm. Now I can use a barrel crimp to attach a piece of insulated wire that will connect to the necessary ground splice or shield pin on the connector. I cover as much of the barrel crimp and shield wire with adhesive lined heat shrink.

Sometimes if I have two shielded wires (crank & cam sensors), I will twist both shields together and using a single crimp / lead wire.

BTW - answer to the first question is YES -- I typically use the chassis ground, but some ECU harnesses suggest/use sensor ground.