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Wire Size for Knock Sensor

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I'm sorry if this silly question, I'm a beginner to wiring. I've tried searching but I didn't find an answer to my question. I'm trying to choose a wire for wiring up my Bosch knock sensor (Part# 0261231188). From what I understand I'm supposed to use shielded wire, but I'm not sure what gauge size to use. In the wiring size tutorial video it says the size used for sensors is usually 22 gauge. I found this shielded 22gauge wire. https://prowireusa.com/p-572-22-awg-x-2-shieled-cable.aspx Would this be a suitable wire to use? Or should I use a larger gauge?

That cable is a good choice assuming youve got suitably sized terminals and crimp tools capable of doing a good crimp job on 22awg. Otherwise 20awg is probably a better choice for less professional level tools.

Thanks for the help. I just have a generic multipurpose open barrel crimp tool, so I think I'll go with 20AWG.

I just built a harness using the pro-wire 22 awg two conductor shielded cable for the knock sensors, and it's working very well.

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