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Wire sizing for loads

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hey everyone,

I'm currently rebuilding my sensor loom for my car, going a bit excessive just to see what can be done.

It's mostly for sensors, IAT, FPR, etc. but also supplying CAN and power to my Link Can Lambda gauge.

Would 24 AWG be okay for the sensors? ~2m loom length.

For the power supply to the Wideband controller, Link's documentation says it draws 8A when heating. I also read that 20AWG Tefzel 'should' be okay for for 8A, so guessing that might be okay, especially since it's only pulling that load for a short period of time while heating.

The specific wiring is M22759/32.

Just wanting to Sanity check. Thanks.

most sensors will draw in the ~20mA range, so 24awg is fine. You can even go finer, however depending on the sensor, the biggest consideration is often not what wire size is needed for the current rating, but depending on the contact/terminal size for the connector, how small a gauge wire can you go before it becomes hard to get a secure crimp, as many terminals are designed for larger gauges of wire.

20AWG should be fine for the Lambda to CAN power supply and ground wires.

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