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Wire sizing question(s)

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Hey Folks,

First of all -> Happy New Year :D

I have 2 questions about the right wire sizing.

1. I have an GM LS3 and the starter solenoid wire is 14 AWG. My automatic transmission shifter hast an included neutral safety switch and the integrated wires are 20 AWG. I also have a ARC switch panel with fuses and relays, so my start button has already a relay.

Q: Should I cut the 20 AWG as short as possible and use 14 AWG for the rest? Or should I use a 2nd relay?

2. I have a transbrake button on my steering wheel, the wire of the curly cord will be 20 AWG (most common in the market is 23 AWG!!!). With this button I power the transbrake solenoid, the launch control and the backup light. Usually I would run a 16 AWG wire from the button and spile it into 3 18 AWG wires.

Q: Anyone with an advice, recommendation and explenation?

Thank you in advance and best regards


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