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Wire splice positioning in loom

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When splicing wires for power supplies (or grounds) is it preferable to have the multiple wires all run from one point in the loom (which may mean long and short branch lengths, or is it acceptable to splice onto the said power or ground wire at a convenient point near to the component? I hope that makes sense!

G'day David.

I like to have a single splice in a power supply wire. For example, if I'm powering four injectors, I will have a larger gauge wire running to the point where the injector sections branch off the main trunk of the harness. I'll splice it here out to the individual, usually smaller gauge power wires which head to each injector.

The key idea is that you want to spec the size of wire for the maximum current that will be travelling through it. If you splice off a power wire at multiple points along its length, this becomes trickier to spec. Not impossible though.

Another reason I like to have only a single splice point, is that if there is going to be a failure, splice points are a likely culprit, minimising their number is always a good idea :-). Plus, it usually makes the harness much easier and quicker to build.

Thanks, that all makes perfect sense so I will run with that process in future.