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Very good course i hope i can wire or try to wire my car with this course the only question i have is my aplication is rotary drag my car will be 16 volts and i will use msd dis 4 for my ignition how will my wire 16 volt batery with no alternator and how will i convert voltage to components wen they only use 12 volts.

Do you need to run an alternator? is it possible to have the 16V battery run as a total loss system, and you just recharge it in between runs? Depending on the other hardware in the car, you may be able to run the rest of the car off the 16V battery as well, or you could have a small, lightweight 12v battery onboard (such as a Lithium motorcycle one) as well to run the vehicle systems if they can't operate at 16V.

Ok normaly i see at the track all rotary guys with no alternator j6st recharge batery after each run ur right. I just want to be able to wire it right and understand what im doing cause i have spend lots of dollars in my car and i want to be able to doit my self i have mazda glc 3/4 chasis cromoly and i have 13b cosmo with 88 turbo alchol i haven buy yet no ecm or any electrical thats why im veryfing and learning that way i can do it my self thanks for ur suport..... Realy helps me