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Wiring and accessories suppliers list.

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I'm trying to create a list of vendors/suppliers for wiring. I'll periodically update the list as information is gathered.

The first links are electronic parts Superstore. It can get pretty tricky to find items on these sites, But with a huge databases of over a million items, there's a good chance they'll have what you're looking for. It's a scavenger hunt at times on their site if you don't know the supplier of the item you're looking for.

Digikey quick links -

DTM/ATM connectors

DT\AT connectors

DTP\ATP connectors

M22759/16 Milspec Wire

Ladd Inc. Product finder

Market specific suppliers: - Super impressive site full of nearly everything you need! if you can name it, it's probably here. - A division of Rywire for connectors and tooling. - Australian based site filled with a nice list of items for your wiring needs

Ballenger Motorsports - I've found ballenger a great resource for some oem connectors that are hard to find. - An Incredible resource for automotive wiring and accessories - Wire sleeving, heatshrink, certain connectors, and cable organization items

Wiremasters - If you have a moq of 100ft, give them a try. you'll thank me on the savings :) - While primarily known for Megasquirt engine management systems, they offer a lot of sensors and electronic components. - Chipping, programming, flashing, and emulation hardware can be found here for various platforms.

8STA connector information - For figuring out which milspec connector you're needing if looking for one - Stumbled upon this site. Great for sourcing miscellaneous plugs. Most notable is their long list of ecu plugs and receptacles at competitive pricing. Lots of OEM honda and motorcycle connectors here.

Chasebays has an organized list of connectors by pin counts.

Some personal tooling

Tool-Aid deutsch terminal

service kit. Entry Level Deutsch terminal service kit. It's competitively priced and i'll offer up my own review here soon :)

Tool-Aid ratcheting terminal service kit - my personal ratcheting crimper. I've had fantastic results with this crimper and would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Everyone for the links, Updated 03/16/15

Great idea. We better add in there too! another electronic parts superstore Lots of OEM connectors and a wide range of accesories

Edit :

while I'm at it, souriau STA8 are a great alternative to the bloody expensive deutsch AS (exactly the same connectors)

(You can expect to get the Souriau for ~30% less that the Deutsch)


All the oem connectors you can think of and easy to navigate through sorted by pin count then brands by alphabet

You can thank me later lol a division of RyWire so lets not forget the man who helped provide the course. Australian based onine store full of EFI related materials.

Does the forum have a sticky funtcion or a faq? would be cool to have this for future referance.

@Mitchdetailed, you posted motorsport connectors twice instead of them once and efihardware once.

Thanks michael for catching that! it should be accurate now. :)

Tweaked Performance

Tweaked Performance is a great resource for any of your wiring/electrical needs, and have tons of experience and cross/hybrid-engine swap platforms. They made me my custom harness for my Aristo 2JZGTE VVTi engine > SC300, and it started up on the first try and had all available accessories included in the wiring as well.

They also can provide you w/ any specific connectors, wiring, etc that you might possibly need. This guy is awesome and is super knowledgeable about tracking down hard to find sumi connectors. These are the main suppliers for alllllllll TE/Deutsch components.

The current list posted earlier already looks really good!

Guys if your looking for a Heat Shrink Label printer and don't want to break the Bank. Buy the Dymo Label Manager 280 ($35.99). I was able to use the Dymo Rhino heat shrink 3:1 ratio media on this printer.

@freezeone, Great thinking! I personally use the Rhino 5200 Industrial. picked it up on amazon,com for 60 or 70 US dollars. Works Great!

Basically check 'Deutsch' under the brand, then 'DTM' 'DT' or 'DTP' series seem the most relevant, work your way around like a wish list, wire gauge, cavities, the E007 'Shrink Boot Adapter' modification is super nice too.

Also you can click on any part and in the tabs at the bottom of the part page you'll find the other required pieces, accessories and even .STEP files if you're into CAD designing your wiring harnesses.

I never purchased from these guys, heh, just borrowed their nice cataloging system to find part numbers for my local suppliers. Might give them a shot next time I'm in the market, will report back in due course.

Make this a "sticky"? supply heat shrink crimp/solder terminals , heat shrink tubing and some tools. They are based in Queensland , Australia and they are very helpful . They have sent me some samples to try and I will let you guys know . is a software application I found (thank you google) to help design a harness. free for under 50 connectors.

G'day Pucky

Whoa, good tip. That's my evening tied up getting familiar with that piece of software now!

Adding to this list: - Awesome informational resource - Wiring and connectors They build harnesses and supply some components - Power distribution panels and other interesting kit - Little bit of everything

Subaru Wiring

Great source for Yazaki terminals for OEM Toyota connectors.

Douglas my man, that is complete gold! Cheers! :-).

For anyone in the UK and wanting TE wiring products check these guys out! - Have only ordered from them once but they were super quick with delivery and great to deal with.

Tommy, open up a new Bookmark directory for "Auto Electrical" or similar, and save all the links there.

I've got a "Car Stuff" folder with subfolders for "Transmission", "Cooling", "Electrical", etc - makes finding things much easier.

Didn't see it mentioned previously, but Finnigan's Garage have a giveaway from which has all sorts of crap cool stuff I can't afford or justify buying at present.