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Anyone recommend where to buy TXL wire in Australia?

only places I have found so far have minimum order of 500m per wire!

This seems to be the best fit for you, 10m rolls -

Other options would be directly approaching a specialist auto' or industrial wiring shop, or race team for the sizes, colours and quantities you need, and/or getting together with others in, for example, a car club to do a bulk buy?

Might be a new business venture for Zac ;-D

Hah, my plate is pretty full with getting these courses sorted!

www.fclane.comand - both have a lot of high end motorsport fittings/connectors as well as the more routine stuff. - some specialist wiring, including stuff rated to 300C - not as good a range as RS, but used to be a fair bit cheaper.

It has probably been mentioned, but don't disregard Repco, Jaycar, or the other local retailers - they carry some odd stuff on occasion that might just do the job.

Add http://www.motorsport-connectors to the list - they make an alternative to the Deutsch Autosport conectors with thier 8STA / 8TA series of motorsport focussed, MIL-DTL-39899 based round barrel connectors with up to 128 way 22d connectors in a 24 sized shell and many different configs on pin qty and size. And the nice thing is, they are available through RS Compnents.

Hey bdinnerv,

that link you posted is incomplete.

Can i make a suggestion.

It would be awesome if we could get the original list edited with the country (locations) of eash shop linked there. I a from the UK and it seems we are seriously low on good sellers here unless i am missing something.

The UK has a massive Motorsport industry, if you can't find a direct supplier, try some of the motorsport electronics specialists, or even larger teams, for recommendations?

Come to think on it, RCE used to have pages of various trade suppliers in the back of their issues - a much missed feature but, if you have access to an old copy, that may be a place to look.

Nice EU-based (Germany) source for DT/DTM/DTP connectors, also in pre-wired versions, ideal for small projects.

Nicely organized with mating parts and compatible pins.

More parts also available

The only thing I didn't find is some budget-friendly solution for crimping closed-barrel DT pins.

Is there a place to get non mil spec shielded cable? Im looking to gather some supplies to build my harness and I have found TXL wire from Ballenger Motorsports but I can't seem to find any TXL shielded wire. I know prowire has shielded but they only have mil spec (Tefzel).

Interesting EU-based (Germany) supplier.

Spec44 wire available in many colors and small amounts, slightly overpriced though.

Most consumables available (SCL, braid, pins, ect..)

Used Autosport and Souriau connectors in stock

Most interesting: Renting service for professional crimping tools.

Ahh that tool rental idea is really interesting. Cheers for sharing that Armaki, I'll make sure I mention that to a few guys as the cost of buying all the gear outright for one project does come up a bit =)

Yes it is.

In this case the cost is 20€/day for each crimping tool plus 500€ deposit.

With a bit of planning you can get away with it pretty cheap, for small one-off projects.

Does anyone have an example of a shielded twisted pair wire?

The ones I source seem to have a rather bulky jacket for adding into a harness.

Can you give me your opinion about this website?