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Hello everyone, i am going to open a wiring shop, and what i want to start with is motec m series wirings, so if someone could benefit me with the wire sizes i need to use for the cam, crank , delco, other sensors and volt connections, digital and auxiliaries it would be great!

To be brutally honest, if you have to ask for this sort of information, then you shouldn't be doing.

What work have you done in the wiring industry? A lot of the information that you are asking about is available with quick searches online, but you still need to have the experience to know how what best way to wire a vehicle is. Are you going to learn this on customer cars? I deal with enough people during the week who are complaining about the ECU/Dash being faulty, when most of the time it is the wiring that is causing the issue as the person who has done the wiring work shouldn't be changing a light bulb unsupervised, let alone working on a vehicle.

I may sound harsh, but there are too many shonky operators out there who claim to be wiring experts and are anything but.

Blackrex i have been installing looms that are premade from sometime, but i want to start to create my own looms with the best qualities thats why i am asking these questions, and i know how to wire a car the only things i am asking are sizes of wires for different purposes

You determine the wire sizes from the current requirements of the devices you are connecting. Do you know how to research the sensors you are using and determine their current requirements?

Since I don't know your application -- what sizes are the wires in the pre-made harnesses you have been installing? Do those harnesses come with documentation regarding their design/construction?

Typical M1 harnesses I have fabricated have been constructed with 22awg for most sensors, and some 18awg for shared power to injectors & coils, and even larger sizes for fuel pumps & cooling fans (and their relays).