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wiring fly by wire throttle and electric power steering

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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i am using Haltech 2500, does anybody know how to wire that in to my RX 8? the haltech and the showa power steering computer is the only thing i am running on the car with the Haltech.

What is the problem you're having, or think you may have?

I am just using the haltech and the showa computer for the power steering on this car, how and what do i connect the power steering to to work?

Hi Garry, I'm not familiar with the RX8 but a quick google suggests that it requires a CAN message for engine rpm and vehicle speed (http://www.ev-guide.com/rx8-conversion-blog/2016/3/9/bw485mwkneogsikevudqikz9elzy8i). Unfortunately that is going to be a problem for you since the Haltech doesn't provide the ability to send user configurable CAN messages. You'll also need to know what address, speed and structure the required messages are sent in. Depending how far into the project you are, you may be better to consider an Adaptronic as they produce a plug & play modular ECU that I would expect supports the factory systems like EPS.

I am running a 3 rotor engine, no other computers other then the haltech n the showa stock one.

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