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Wiring HB outputs on M130 to use a ground output ?

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First time wiring up a Motec .. usually do haltec and they have the usual DPO’s and SPI’s witch I have a good understanding of .. on the Motec it has what’s called HB outputs and after looking at the Motec PDF it states they can handle a 12a low and a 9amp hi using the HB outputs .. this leads me to believe that these outputs are power sources (please correct me if I’m wrong ) , my question is can I use these outputs to send ground signals and wire them to trip a relay such as a thermo fan ? Or use it to trip the power side of a relay instead ? Any elaboration on these HB outputs would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance .. I’d like to have a better understanding of this before I continue wiring

The HB outputs can do either high side (switch to batt V) or low side drive (switch to gnd). If you want to switch a load to ground then you set the output drive type to lowside in the software.

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