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Wiring help: Power distribution for an engine conversion

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Firstly, I would like to apologise that the content of this post includes wiring up an OEM ECU into an alternate vehicle. I understand this forum is predominantly designed for aftermarket ECU's and I hope I don't offend anyone. The choice to stick with the standard ECU is my own and I understand there may be people out there that will disagree with my decision. I've been met with quite a bit of hostility on other forums for doing so and wished to make this declaration before I write my post here.


I have a 1983 Toyota Corolla AE86.

The engine fitted is a F20c from a 2001 Honda S2000 AP1.

I removed all the crude wiring and aftermarket ECU that was fitted 5 years ago.

Then life got in the way...

I'm wanting to get the car running again.

I'm in the process of designing a "power distribution panel" so I can run the engine in my car without interrupting too much of the Toyota wiring.

Here is how the engine is wired in it's natural habitat.:

Here is a blank version:

I would say I am competent in vehicle electrics, however it is all self taught. I've never had anyone explain the pros and cons of certain ways of doing things... hence my dilemma:

I understand there are a few different ways to wire up the diagram. But, I'm not confident to choose one specific way. It's my OCD's worst nightmare! I would like it to be neat, tidy, simple and reliable.

Would anyone care to play 'dot to dot' and make a more simple wiring diagram I can use?

I'm not limited to just using to two relays. I can use as many relays and fuses as required.