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Wiring in a Turbo Wheel Speed Sensor (help trouble shooting)

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Working on a 2018 Civic SI and I am wiring in a turbo wheel speed sensor. I am using a Garrett Motion Kit 781328-0002 pro kit with no gauge and am feeding the data to an AEM 22 channel CAN sensor module.

Wiring diagrams/ instructions for both are can be seen here



Per instructions, I got the orange wire on AEM #10 pin for 5v ref, Green signal wire on #12 for frequency, and #8 for black wire sensor ground. I checked continuity on them all and they all check out. I can't get the sensor to pick up a signal. I have tried moving the sensor to various spots across the compressor wheel to see if it would pick it up. Its a 12-blade comp wheel and I made sure the AEM was configured as such.

I'm lost at this point and honestly just looking for any suggestions on things to check that I may be overlooked. Any suggestions are appreciated. Anyone know how to check if this Jaquet sensor is good?


Because the sensor internally is dividing the speed to produce a lower frequency, you have the have the turbo wheel spinning. You can't just detect a single target like you would with a standard hall sensor. Similar to variable reluctance sensors, they only detect the change, not the static condition. So get that wheel turning!!

And they usually have to be turning at a rate that cannot be done by hand, so you need to fire some compressed air into the exhaust wheel inlet to have the wheel turning fast enough to be read.

Yes, I was informed that the sensor won't pick up anything short of 5000rpm. So I did shoot a lot of compressed air at the unit to get it spinning very fast. Faster than 5000rpm I am sure. Still was not picking anything up. I am curious if the sensor is faulty.

Pics of bench set up

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