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Wiring Intake Air Temp sensor to Link g4

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Hey, I am at the stage of wiring my Delphi IAT sensor to my link g4+ but wanted to clarify exactly what wires to solder. I have the link g4 expansion loom, do I wire one of the IAT sensor wires to an Analog Temp input and the other to the common on the expansion loom?

Last question, if I am using an lm-2 as my wideband, do i use the LC-2 calibration in the link g4's analog input setup?

Thanks a bunch


Definately use the sensor ground.

Not sure about the LM-2, but you can calibrate it yourself with a cal table

Did you say solder . . . .

Sensor ground and the aux temp wires for the sensor.

As for the calibration, try the LC2 cal but if it doesn't match the display then I'd just make your own