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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Couple of items:

Can you forward the part number for the stripper that has the strip gauge on it for TEFZEL wire.

In a past video about open barrel splices you said you would forward a chart for CMA of common wires sizes. I have not been able to find that. Could you send that to me?

On a side note, I want to say I have enjoyed your video series very much and believe the money invested is cheap compared to the mistakes they have prevented.

Thanks in advance for the info.


Douglas Hillmann

Ideal Stripmaster 45-097

For wire sizes, google images gives lots of options.

Wrong part number This is specifically for tefzel wire and has the strip gauge on it.

Custom Stripmaster for M22759/32 wires (Tefzel) P/N is 45-1987 (wire range 16-26 AWG)

Unfortunately that is also wrong.

This is turning out to be quite frustrating. Although I have been happy with the knowledge I have gained, the follow thru with info promised in the videos has been quite lacking. I originally addressed this directly to Ben Silcock in an email. He told me they did not answer questions and I had to post it up here. My questions have been up for five days and no one from HP Academy has had the time to answer a question that a paying customer is asking. I have no problem paying for the info they are conveying. I just expected better follow thru. Unfortunate.

Hi Douglas, I apologise for the slow reply. We are unfortunately in the process of replacing Zac as he left a few months ago. We do strive to provide answers more quickly than you've been receiving them so I can assure you this isn't normal.

To answer your second question first, you'll find the resource that you're interested in inside the course. Specifically within the module on splicing you'll find a handy google doc that you can click on (just below the video) which includes the circular mill area for common conductor sizes. https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/wiring-fundamentals/practical-tools-and-wiring-harness-construction-skills-splicing

With regard to the wire stripper I think there's been some confusion over your terminology. The Ideal Custom Stripmaster 45-1987 that Grisom has referenced above IS designed for tefzel wire in the range of 16-26 AWG so on that basis it's a perfectly acceptable choice. You'll also note that this particular tool along with a link to where you can purchase is included in the forum under the 'Course Tools and Materials' post.

However when you use the term 'strip gauge', I'm guessing that you're actually referring to the adjustable 'wire stop' that you can use to achieve consistent strip length. If this is the case then the other wire stripper we use is the Ideal Ergo Elite wire stripper. You'll find it here: [url=https://racespeconline.com/products/ideal-ergo-elite-wire-stripper?variant=22962513665]https://racespeconline.com/products/ideal-ergo-elite-wire-stripper?variant=22962513665

*Please note you'll need to add the optional wire stop when ordering.

I trust this answers your questions.


Thanks for the answers. I have the stripper on order. Ben sent me the link to the spreadsheet so I also have the CMA numbers. Thanks again for addressing this as promptly as you did.

Douglas Hillmann

VFC Engineering

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